What is a Tamped Concrete Floor or Surface?

A tamped concrete surface is common, especially in outside areas. It leaves a rough surface which more grips for both pedestrians and vehicles. It is a cost effective concrete flooring solution. It is an ideal solution in areas that have an incline as it is a non-slip surface. 

The Installation Process

Once the concrete is poured, the surface is treated by using a beam or other suitable flat surface and ‘tamping’ it. In other words, the beam is lowered and raised in quick succession. This compacts the concrete as well as leaving a rough, linear pattern across the surface of the concrete to promote better grip.

When tamping the concrete, your technicians will attempt to get a regular and even spacing of around 20 to 30mm, with a height of 5mm or less.

The groves will also be in the direction of drainage falls to promote run-off and prevent pooling of water on the surface. On ramps, such as entry and exit ramps for car parks, the tamped concrete surface will be in a chevron patterns.

A tamped finish to concrete floors that is too heavy – that is, ridges that are too deep – will lead to poor drainage as well as other debris and detritus being caught in the grooves. This can lead to an unsightly look to the concrete floor. In the case of moss or lichen taken hold, it will make the surface area slippery too.

Tamping is a skill and although our installation team will attempt to get an even finish, tamping is not an exact science. Although we aim for a consistent finish, there will be variations in the final finish.

In some settings, the raised surface can breakdown under heavy traffic use and can also trap dust and dirt. If you are in any doubt that a tamped concrete floor is the right solution, call the team at Midland Concrete.

Midland Concrete Have the Right Tamped Concrete Floor Solution for Your Project

The depth and finish of the tamped concrete floor is dependent on several factors, the greatest of which is the intended use. Typical depth is around 200mm. In most cases, a tamped concrete floor can withstand foot traffic after 24 hours but the installation team will advise your further.

Midland Flooring have years of experience in creating bespoke concrete flooring solutions, including tamped concrete floors, for domestic and business clients across the country.

Our team provide a full service, from designing a concrete flooring solution, to advising on the correct concrete finish for your project right through to installation.

Our installation team are qualified and experienced, creating a high-end, professional product perfect for your project.

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