Coloured Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is a hardwearing flooring solution, suitable across every room in the home and in commercial and industrial settings too, and it doesn’t have to be a plain, boring, grey finish.

Coloured concrete floors offer the ideal solution for every customer, whether you want the look of marble in your kitchen or a deep blue concrete floor throughout a hotel lobby.

Hardwearing, Bespoke Finish

Coloured concrete floors offer you the opportunity to create a truly unique finish to your floor. With correct maintenance after correct mixing and installation, the colour sill stay strong and vibrant, even in coloured concrete floors in high traffic areas.

There are three main methods of applying colour to concrete;

Method 1 – Integral Colouring

One of the most popular methods of adding colour to concrete flooring is to use integral colouring admixtures on newly-laid concrete surfaces.

These admixtures infuse the concrete with a rich, long-lasting and fade-resistant colour. We often use this colouring system to produce a backdrop of contrasting accent colours. In many cases, it is the multi-tonal effect of colouring concrete that gives it the appearance of another material, such as natural stone or slate flags.

Method 2 – Dry Shake Colouring

Packaged in bags or pails, dry shake colouring is in powder form and is tossed by hand onto the surface of freshly laid concrete. After the dry shake colour and hardener becomes moist, using specialist tools, the colouring pigment is worked into the surface of the concrete before it sets.

This process of colouring concrete only colours the very top layer of the floor, around ⅛”. It is the method favoured for colouring stamped concrete or concrete overlays as the rich surface paste helps to produce a sharper imprint.

Dry shake powders come in a range of colours and shades. It is also an intense coloured finish as the colour is applied to the surface of the concrete. With dry shake products that include hardeners, it also helps to make the floor surface even stronger and more robust.

Method 3 – Surface Applied Stains and Coatings

Stained concrete is an appealing method of colouring concrete because a unique decorative finish can be achieved at reasonable cost. Surface applied stains can be used to create an almost limitless range of colours and special effects on both interior and exterior concrete floors.

Stain can be applied in certain ways so that an ‘antique’ finish can be achieved, or a variegated finish or a mottled appearance. Even better, with the use of surface applied stains and our expertise, no two stained concrete floors are the same, producing a unique finish.

Coloured Concrete Floors from Midland Flooring

For unique coloured concrete floors, we are the flooring company to call! With over 30 years of experience in creating bespoke concrete flooring solutions for domestic and commercial customers, we can create a floor to specific requirements.

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