Benefits of Power-Floated Concrete ​


      • Power-floated concrete floors are a great alternative to choosing resins or floor paints. Buffing the surface of a freshly laid concrete floor will create a smooth surface with a high gloss shine.
      • Power-floated concrete is less prone to cracking and is also water and shock proof.
      • It is also the ideal solution in areas where there is heavy traffic. It is a finish that handles the weight and travel of forklift trucks and heavy vehicles with ease. As an added bonus, stains can be easily removed too, maintaining the high-quality finish for longer.
      • Puncturing of a concrete floor is when a significant weight is concentrated on one spot. With a power-floated concrete floor the damage is less visible and less maintenance needed.
      • This type of concrete flooring also offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance, an ideal state for our commercial customers operating in an industrial setting.
      • For maintenance, repair and cleaning, power-floated concrete floors are the best, leaving you with a smooth and sparkling surface for years to come.

The Process of Creating a Power-Floated Concrete Floor

The depth of the installed concrete floor will vary on the use of the floor, although a minimum of 150mm is suggested for foot traffic areas and a depth of up to 500mm for loading areas, or surfaces over which vehicles will be parked or used.

Drying time is 24 hours plus for foot traffic and at a rate of 1mm a day for other areas. The floor should not be forced to dry or cure quicker than this as its strength will be compromised.

Reinforcing the floor may be needed but our team can advise you of this and any other practical issues at the time we design your power-float floor.

Power float machines are fitted to circular pans that smooth the surface of the newly laid, hardened concrete floor. Metal blades are then passed over the surface to achieve a harder top layer to the concrete floor.

In most cases, power-floated concrete floors need no further finishes. Resins, polishing and screed can be applied to the surface if you require.

Free Quotations for Concrete Flooring

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