Hand Troweled Concrete Floors

Before the advent of machinery, concrete was laid and finished by hand.

This includes hand trowelling and a process known as floating. Using a wooden or metal hand float, the surface of the setting concrete floor is smoothed to a flat finish, although there may be float marks in the final surface finish.

Today, this process is carried out by machine and is known as a power-floated floor.

A Hand-Trowelled Finish

Hand trowelling follows on from the floating process. When carried out correctly on concrete that is of the appropriate mix, it leaves a smooth, very dense surface.

It can be used in warehouses and similar large slabbed areas but is commonly used today in smaller areas. It is the perfect method of finishing a concrete floor in an area in which the power-float machinery cannot reach or fit.

How We Install a Hand-Trowelled Concrete Floor

Firstly, our design team will work with you to create a flooring solution that meets your exact requirements, as well as your budget. It is important to consider the application of the flooring and how it will be used.

This is because use, and the strength needed in the concrete floor, is met when the right mix of concrete is used.

We mix the concrete on site or, dependent on the location, may be pre-mixed by our suppliers. The mix is laid and levelled off to the required height.

Minimum depth should be 75mm and reinforced with either steel mesh or fibres. As a guide, we suggest that drying time is 1mm of concrete per day. In many cases, foot traffic can use the area after 24 hours but we advise longer for areas used by vehicles.

Hand trowelled concrete floors are suitable for tiling, raised access floors and wooden floors too.

Why Choose Midland Flooring?

As a concrete flooring contractor, we have over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry. We have installed thousands of concrete floors across homes and business in the UK.

We create a concrete floor that not only meets your requirements but exceeds expectations. As well as hand-trowelled finishes, we can create coloured concrete floors that are truly unique and bespoke to your home or project.

With a growing reputation for reliability and a great product, we offer a professional, responsive service to every customer.

We provide no obligation comprehensive quotations, as well as advice and suggestions on how to get the best concrete floor for your budget.

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