Dappled Concrete Floors

Unlike other finishes of concrete flooring, dappled concrete when laid, is far more fluid and liquid. This is why it is the favoured option for laying across large areas such as large warehouses or other vast areas.

The Process of Laying Dappled Concrete Floors

The fluid concrete is poured into the area and using laser beam technology along with guide rails, the concrete is levelled across the area. A metal bar is lowered and raised through the concrete at right angles.

This process drives air from the concrete leaving a smooth surface, ideal for so many applications, both domestic and commercial.

Finishing the Dappled Concrete Floor

As with all concrete floor types and finishes, there are certain technical specifications that need to be met for a dappled concrete floor to provide a long-lasting, robust flooring solution;

  • The minimum depth for a dappled concrete floor is a recommended 75mm
  • Reinforcing is also needed with additional strength provided with a steel mesh or fibres, depending on the application and use
  • Drying time needs to be the maximum times possible but as a rule, we recommend a drying or curing time of 1mm per day
  • A dappled concrete floor has a pleasing finish but is also a suitable base layer for tiling or wood flooring
  • This type of concrete flooring is perfect for use in high footfall areas and is common in offices, schools, shops, modular buildings and so on.

Dapple Concrete Floors from Midland Flooring

As a concrete flooring specialist, we have installed numerous dappled concrete floors in buildings, both domestic and commercial, across the country.

As a reliable, reputable and trusted company, we provide a professional service from start to finish;

  • Our installation teams are highly qualified in the laying and finishing of concrete flooring, as well as in related fields such as health and safety etc.
  • We are a trailblazing company, working with industrial bodies and regulators to redefine and enhanced standards within the concrete flooring industry
  • Our design team create a bespoke response to your needs and flooring requirements; as well as dappled concrete floors, we offer a range of other concrete flooring finishes suitable for the home, as well as commercial and industrial settings
  • We provide high quality, affordable concrete flooring solutions suitable for every room in your home, as well as internal commercial premises and outside areas too

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